“It’s Saturday and I woke up my Mom to give her some pills. She wondered where she was and what day it was. I explain and then I encourage her to get out of bed. It sometimes feels strange to be playing the Mom role and saying it’s time to get up now. I lay out her clothes and help her get dressed. Mom walks a few laps around the house for exercise, and then I make breakfast. In the afternoon, we go to the hair salon and then for a long drive (enjoying a chicken burger and ice cream en route). We come home and Mom helps me in the office for a few hours stuffing envelopes or counting pamphlets and is very content. She enjoys helping and being involved. Later, she is not sure who I am for a while and then realizes that I am her daughter. She doesn’t remember anything from the day but wonders when the house was sold which is now almost 7 years ago. I get her safely in bed and the light goes out.” ~ Shayla Morag