I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had thought I had made my home safe from potential falls by removing all floor rugs, using flat metal joiners (when installing laminate flooring instead of the ones provided by the supplier), putting up chair railings, and installing grab bars. This fall involved my Mom slipping on a blanket she was holding in her arms. It had never crossed my mind that this was a possibility. Having a fractured hip (after already having two hip replacements) was obviously very painful for Mom. She couldn’t walk for a few months which involved changes with medications (resulting in severe hallucinations), and a major change with our regular routine. I was told by medical professionals that she would probably never walk again.

Having access to home physiotherapy was such a help as my Mom was able to get up and start exercising. We had the goal of wanting to drive around to see the Christmas lights which meant walking to the car. The saving grace was Mom’s daily task of taking our little dog for a ride on her walker around the house every day. He loved sitting on her walker and the focus was on ‘his” needs instead of the reality that Mom needed to stretch her legs. We did enjoy the Christmas lights by the way! ??